Surgical Medical Equipment

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Casting surgical medical equipment requires precision and an understanding of the various properties of different metals and alloys. One cannot cast an accurate part or piece of equipment without knowing exactly which metal will perform to the design specifications.

While some medical surgical equipment might be best served by being cast out of an aluminum alloy, others absolutely demand they be cast out of stainless steel. Medical equipment that needs to be lightweight is often cast out of aluminum, while surgical equipment which must be sterilized, be exposed to all kinds of fluids and remain rust-free, is usually cast using stainless steel.
Examples of medical equipment with aluminum parts :
  1. Stethoscopes
  2. IV poles
  3. Surgical stool
  4. Carts
  5. Wheelchairs
  6. Oxygen cylinders
  7. Stretches
  8. Backboards
  9. Crutches
  10. …plus many other types of surgical medical equipment
Examples of medical equipment made with stainless steel :
  1. Surgical instruments: scalpels, hemostats, shears, etc.
  2. Laryngoscopes
  3. Dilator catheters
  4. Kick buckets
  5. Basins
  6. IV poles
  7. Carts
  8. Stethoscopes
  9. Gas administration equipment
  10. many other type of surgical medical equipment